Elana Israel

You love the life you've created with your partner

You love that quality time of sharing each other’s day and laughing at inside jokes.

But when things get in the way and you’re not on the same page, there’s distance between you and it can feel devastating.

That’s where I come in.

The combination of my years as a therapist, my coach training and my personal experience within my own marriage make me uniquely qualified to help women overcome any obstacle within their partnership.

I was always waiting for things to magically improve. But then I decided to be the hero in my own life and I found help.

I went through a coaching process where I transformed from a woman who would abandon herself to a woman who always had her own back and that of her partner’s.

This is my zone of genius. This is where I shine.

Because I know the complexities personally, and have the added experience as a clinician, I am able to take women through an advanced process that finally has them being exactly who they want to be. And trust me, their partners like it.

Now it’s your turn.

I created Partnership Aligned to help women like you reach greater happiness with their life partner through self-empowerment, better communication, and deeper intimacy.

Elana’s Educational Background
Life Coach School Certified Coach

When not working with clients, Elana spends her time with her family in Philadelphia. She especially loves spending time with her son, Rafael, at the beach or just dancing around the house. Elana loves to exercise and is heavily involved in spiritual communities. When alone, her favorite activities are reading and meditation.