Boundaries has become a buzz word. Social media has portrayed boundaries as an aggressive protection tactic. But those of us who are educated and trained on boundaries know that nothing could be further from the truth.

When you start to reframe boundaries as an act of love – both for your partner and for yourself – the relationship becomes healthier.

Join me as I interview Heather Claus, author and coach, who wrote a book about boundaries! She shares the five steps to creating and maintaining healthy boundaries with your partner.

Who is Heather Claus?
Heather has lived an atypical life.

She’s hitchhiked across the country, traveled and worked in a carnival for a season, roamed New York City with street people, explored (and taught) alternative lifestyles, and more.

All of her experiences thus far have led her to the belief that boundaries are the key to not only saving ourselves, but our relationships.

She’s a big fan of amazing people enjoying love, sex, and romance in happy and functional lives (whatever that might look like from human to human), which is why she’s thrilled to share her experience and knowledge of boundaries with you! ❤️

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